Xiaomi 13 Ultra to Feature Same Main Camera Sensor as Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra, expected to launch in the coming months as the Chinese company's flagship smartphone, is rumored to retain the same main camera sensor as the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. According to leakster Ice Universe, the 13 Ultra will feature the 1-inch Sony IMX989 CMOS sensor, which is already found on the 13 Pro and was used on the 12S Ultra. Despite the lack of an upgrade to the main camera sensor, the 13 Ultra is expected to have an upgraded lens, which could potentially improve the phone's overall camera performance.

In addition to the main camera and lens updates, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is also rumored to have a significantly improved zoom camera. With smartphone cameras becoming an increasingly important feature for consumers, the 13 Ultra's camera updates could give it a competitive edge in the market.

While the IMX989 sensor is highly regarded as one of the best smartphone CMOS sensors currently available, some may be disappointed that the 13 Ultra is not featuring a newer or more advanced sensor. However, it's worth noting that the IMX989 sensor is expected to be used in many of the top Chinese flagships this year, so the 13 Ultra's inclusion of the sensor may not be a drawback.

Overall, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is shaping up to be a strong contender in the smartphone market, with a focus on improving its camera capabilities. While the main camera sensor may not be receiving an upgrade, the combination of the highly regarded IMX989 sensor and an upgraded lens could still result in impressive photography performance. It will be interesting to see how the 13 Ultra's camera compares to its predecessor and other flagship smartphones when it is eventually released.

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