Leaked Renders of Huawei's Mate 60 Reveal Unique Camera Housing

Huawei's Mate 60
Image (Huawei Central)

Huawei's Mate series has been known for its exceptional camera quality and sleek design, and the upcoming Mate 60 is no exception. According to a recent leak by a well-known tipster, the Mate 60 is set to showcase a new "Oreo-esque" design that could potentially set it apart from its predecessors.

The Mate 60 is expected to feature a split rear camera housing that resembles the popular snack food, with a wide horizontal band separating the two halves of the housing. The rear panel is rumored to be a lilac color, with the horizontal band the same shade as the rest of the panel.

Despite the new design, the Mate 60 is expected to maintain the quad rear camera setup found on the Mate 50 series, with XMAGE branding on the lenses. The logo is said to be located outside the "cream" section of the "Oreo" housing, which some may see as a missed opportunity for branding.

According to the tipster, Huawei plans to release five new devices with this updated design, including successors to the Mate 50 E, Mate 50, and Mate 50 Pro, as well as a possible future RS variant. This could indicate that Huawei is looking to expand its Mate series even further, potentially offering a wider range of devices to cater to different user needs.

One of the most notable features of the Mate 50 series was its exceptional camera quality, particularly in low-light conditions. The Mate 60 is expected to build upon this legacy, potentially improving upon the already impressive camera setup found on its predecessor.

Aside from the updated design and camera setup, the Mate 60 is also expected to feature top-of-the-line hardware specs, including a powerful processor, ample RAM and storage, and a large battery. It is likely that the device will run on the latest version of Huawei's EMUI software, which is known for its smooth performance and extensive customization options.

Of course, as with any leak, it is important to take this information with a grain of salt. While the tipster has a good track record for accuracy, there is always the possibility that these details could change before the Mate 60's official launch.

That being said, if these rumors do turn out to be true, the Mate 60 could be a game-changer for Huawei's Mate series. With its unique "Oreo-esque" design and impressive camera capabilities, the Mate 60 could prove to be a popular choice among consumers looking for a premium smartphone experience.

As always, we will have to wait for Huawei's official announcement to get a full picture of what the Mate 60 has to offer. Until then, we can only speculate on what could be one of the most exciting smartphone releases of the year.

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