Tecno's Phantom V Yoga: A Budget-Friendly Foldable Clamshell Smartphone

Tecno Phantom V Yoga

Tecno, a rising player in the smartphone industry, appears to be gearing up to compete with Samsung by introducing the "Phantom V Fold Yoga," a foldable clamshell smartphone to rival the Galaxy Z Flip4. Leaked hands-on images of the device suggest that it shares similarities with the Galaxy Z Flip4, but the "V Yoga" may stand out with a larger and more distinctive cover display. While the smartphone is expected to be a mid-range offering compared to the class-leading devices of 2022, it demonstrates Tecno's ambition to establish its presence in the foldable smartphone market.

Leaked Images and Design

Recent leaks indicate that the Tecno Phantom V Fold Yoga is already in production and ready for release. The leaked images showcase a device that closely resembles the Vivo X Flip, albeit with a unique round camera hump that potentially integrates a secondary display. The presence of this secondary display sets it apart from the Huawei P50 Pocket, as Tecno's innovation is expected to offer a significantly larger display area.

Specifications and Features

The Tecno Phantom V Yoga is rumored to feature a range of impressive specifications. It is expected to run on Tecno's custom user interface, HIOS, based on the latest version of Android, Android 13. The device may boast a powerful 64MP dual-camera setup for capturing high-resolution images and videos. With 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, users can expect ample space for their files, applications, and multimedia content.

Comparisons with the Galaxy Z Flip4

On the surface, the Tecno Phantom V Yoga appears to be a strong contender against Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip4. The similar form factor and design suggest that Tecno is aiming to provide users with an alternative to Samsung's offering. However, the differentiation lies in the choice of hardware components. The Phantom V Yoga is rumored to be equipped with the Dimensity 8050, one of MediaTek's latest SoC refreshes. This mid-range processor may not match the performance capabilities of the high-end processors found in the Galaxy Z Flip4, positioning the Tecno device as a more affordable alternative.

Targeting the Mid-Range Market

While the Tecno Phantom V Yoga may not compete directly with the flagship devices of other established brands, its mid-range positioning has its advantages. By offering an affordable foldable clamshell smartphone, Tecno aims to bring this innovative technology to a wider audience. The mid-tier market segment has shown significant growth in recent years, and Tecno's strategy to deliver a more accessible foldable smartphone could attract users who prioritize value for money without compromising on essential features.

The Mainstream Appeal

Tecno's efforts to make foldable smartphones more accessible to the mainstream market are commendable. By omitting flagship-level processing power in favor of a mid-range chipset, the company is likely to achieve a more competitive price point. This approach aligns with Tecno's mission to provide technology enthusiasts with cutting-edge features at an affordable price, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers who want to experience the benefits of foldable smartphones without breaking the bank.


The leaked information surrounding the Tecno Phantom V Fold Yoga indicates that the company is poised to introduce its first foldable clamshell smartphone. Although it may not directly compete with the high-end offerings from established brands, such as Samsung, Tecno's strategy to target the mid-range market has the potential to democratize foldable smartphone technology. By providing a more affordable option without compromising on essential features, Tecno aims to appeal to a wider audience and establish its presence in the foldable smartphone market.

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