Nintendo Switch 2: FF7R on Steroids!

Nintendo Switch 2

An exciting handful of Nintendo Switch 2 leaks have been shared on social media with various claims making for a heady mixture. Switch 2 backwards compatibility is touched upon as are a couple of other features, but astonishingly there is also an outlandish statement that Final Fantasy VII Remake runs like a PlayStation 5 game on the next-generation Nintendo console.

Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Surface

A thrilling set of Nintendo Switch 2 leaks has turned up on both Reddit and ResetEra, supposedly attributable to a well-known leaker called “Im [sic] A Hero Too”. Various claims have been made in a recent Reddit post, including an intriguing one about the PS5 Pro, but there are also quite a few in regard to the Switch 2. The OP insists they are Im A Hero Too, lending some weight to the supposed leaks. There are some details shared about Sega and Persona 6 before the leaker gets to the juicy Switch 2-related information.

Nintendo Switch 2 Development Kits and Cartridge

First up, there is the unsurprising confirmation that Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits have already been released, presumably to trusted partners, and that the console will deal with a “new cartridge”. This could be expected, as Nintendo has changed cartridge formats between console generations in the past. In addition, a “new camera feature” is also mentioned, and this is something that has been tossed around a few forums lately. In fact, this feature has even turned up in a previous rumor for a Nintendo Switch Next machine, which seems to show some kind of camera sensor.

There has been some discussion that AR could be an interactive feature headed to the Switch 2, so the presence of a camera would make sense, but it’s worth remembering that the words used here are “camera feature”. Being careful with context is also required for the part of the leak that deals with potential Nintendo Switch 2 backwards compatibility, because despite the source verifying its existence, it has allegedly only been tested on “a few games” so far.

FF7R on Switch 2 Devkit

The final statement in the list of leaks is arguably the most exciting, and it is worth reproducing here verbatim:

FF7R looks and runs like a PS5 game on Switch 2 devkit. Port took no time I'm told. Could be a launch game, not sure yet.

Plenty of Nintendo Switch 2 rumors have focused on the possibility of the next-generation hybrid console having a raw graphics processing power potential that could match that of the PlayStation 4. So, it is shocking to see someone claim that a Switch 2 dev kit can run a game that could match the quality of the same title running on a PS5. Of course, Final Fantasy VII Remake was developed for the PS4, with the PS5 port, FF7R Intergrade, basically delivering faster loading times and visual tweaks. It’s hard to believe, but Nintendo and Nvidia do have the technical knowhow to make this theoretically happen.


In conclusion, the Nintendo Switch 2 leaks have ignited excitement in the gaming community. While some claims seem outlandish, the possibility of a Nintendo Switch 2 with remarkable graphics capabilities and backwards compatibility is indeed thrilling. The potential of Final Fantasy VII Remake running at PS5-like quality on this console is a tantalizing prospect that has gamers eagerly awaiting official announcements.

As with any leaks, it's important to take them with a grain of salt until confirmed by the official sources. Nevertheless, the gaming world is abuzz with anticipation for the next-generation Nintendo Switch 2.

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