War Thunder 2.27 'La Royale': A Majestic Update or a Royale Letdown?

War Thunder 2.27 'La Royale'

War Thunder, the beloved military hardware extravaganza, has received its second major update, and it's a doozy! Welcome to War Thunder 2.27 "La Royale," a delightful blend of French naval might, Indian tanks, and a smorgasbord of other goodies that will make any tech enthusiast's heart skip a beat.

Now, let's get right down to the juicy bits. The headlining feature of this update is the introduction of the French naval tree, which brings 14 new ships to the game. While they are currently in the Closed Beta stage, players can still get a taste of the maritime action. Sail the high seas with French elegance and flair, as you commandeer vessels like the T47 destroyer, the Submarine Chaser CH-5, and the Le Fleuron, a powerful and beautiful French battleship. Oh, la la!

But wait, there's more! War Thunder 2.27 also brings a new tank to the fray, and it's a historic moment indeed. Introducing the Vijayanta, the first-ever Indian tank to grace the game. This mean machine is ready to roll over the competition with its sleek design and formidable firepower. It's a proud moment for Indian players and tank enthusiasts alike.

The visual effects department hasn't been left out either. Gaijin Entertainment has sprinkled some visual magic on War Thunder with this update. Rockets and missiles now sport enhanced visual effects, ensuring that every explosive encounter is a feast for the eyes. Afterburners blaze with renewed intensity, leaving a trail of pure awesomeness in their wake. And let's not forget the flares! Those little lifesavers now light up the sky like never before, making you feel like a true hero as you dodge incoming threats.

Ground vehicles also receive some love in War Thunder 2.27. Say goodbye to the boring old bullet holes and say hello to new hit marks! These nifty little additions add an extra layer of realism to the battlefield, making each encounter feel more immersive and intense. It's the little things that count, after all.

Now, let's talk about the stars of the show—the new vehicles. Buckle up, because this is going to be a wild ride. The F-14B, a top-tier naval jet, takes center stage as a formidable addition to the aerial arsenal. This bad boy brings speed, maneuverability, and a whole lot of firepower to the table. The skies will tremble in fear as you unleash the wrath of this majestic beast upon your enemies.

But that's not all. The M1 KVT tank, a premium offering for the USA, rolls onto the battlefield in all its glory. With its impressive firepower and advanced technology, this tank is a force to be reckoned with. It's time to show your opponents who's the boss on the ground.

War Thunder 2.27 also introduces two new locations to explore. The Iberian Castle beckons you to engage in fierce battles amid ancient fortifications, while Franz Josef Land offers a frigid challenge in the Arctic. Strap on your winter gear and prepare for some chilling encounters.

As if that wasn't enough, this update brings a myriad of minor tweaks and fixes. Gaijin Entertainment has painstakingly combed through the game, ironing out any creases and ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable experience for all. They truly care about their players, and it shows in the attention to detail.

For those seeking even more excitement, the M1 KVT premium package is available for purchase, featuring the export version of the Su-25TM attack aircraft, known as the Su-39. Take to the skies with this powerful war machine, raining destruction upon your foes from above.

War Thunder 2.27 "La Royale" is a testament to Gaijin Entertainment's commitment to delivering top-notch content to their dedicated player base. With its wealth of new vehicles, stunning visual effects, and general improvements, this update is a treat for both veterans and newcomers alike.

So, don your captain's hat, strap yourself into that tank, and take to the skies with War Thunder 2.27 "La Royale." The battle awaits, and it's time to make history. Happy gaming!

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