Galaxy Tab S9 FE: Charging Boost, Colors & More

Galaxy Tab S9 FE

The anticipation surrounding the release of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series continues to grow, with Samsung's upcoming tablets expected to make their debut in the autumn months. While the official launch is still pending, regulatory bodies have already revealed crucial details about the battery capacity and charging speed of the Tab S9 FE Plus. Furthermore, Samsung itself has provided insights into the available colors and memory configurations for both tablets in the series.

Unveiling the Details

MySmartPrice, a reliable source for tech insights, has uncovered fresh information concerning the Tab S9 FE Plus, one of the highly anticipated models within the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series. Although Samsung has not yet officially acknowledged the existence of the 'FE' branded tablets, substantial evidence supporting the development of Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 FE Plus variants has surfaced in recent weeks. Notably, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) released preliminary documentation related to the smaller Galaxy Tab S9 FE. This leak was followed by tech insider Roland Quandt, who divulged the Indian pricing details for the same tablet variant, equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

Connecting the Dots

In a noteworthy development, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) of Thailand has linked the larger Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus to a model number—SM-X616B. This model number had initially appeared on Geekbench earlier in the year. Concurrently, the Korean Testing Laboratory (KTL) has shed light on the SM-X616B's battery attributes. The tablet is said to feature a formidable 9,800 mAh battery, capable of being charged at 10 V DC/4.5 A. Consequently, it is evident that the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus is set to support 45 W wired charging, aligning with the charging capabilities of recent Galaxy Tab iterations, including the Galaxy Tab S7 FE.

Captivating Colors and Configurations

As anticipation builds for the release of the Tab S9 FE series, Samsung has provided glimpses into the aesthetic and functional choices it has made. The company has outlined a variety of colors that will be available for both the Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 FE Plus. This decision not only caters to individual preferences but also emphasizes Samsung's commitment to offering diverse options to its users.

Memory configurations also hold a significant role in the tablet series. The leak by Roland Quandt, which showcased the Indian pricing for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, suggests a robust memory setup to enhance the tablet's performance and multitasking capabilities.

The Power of Fast Charging

One of the standout features of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus is its impressive charging speed. With a 9,800 mAh battery and support for 45 W wired charging, this tablet aims to provide users with a seamless and efficient charging experience. Fast charging has become a hallmark of modern devices, allowing users to spend less time tethered to charging cables and more time enjoying their devices.

Additionally, the compatibility of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus's charging capabilities with recent Galaxy Tab models, such as the Tab S7 FE, showcases Samsung's commitment to maintaining consistency across its product lineup. This not only simplifies the user experience but also indicates Samsung's dedication to technological innovation.

Looking Ahead

As the months progress and the autumn release of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series approaches, tech enthusiasts and consumers alike eagerly await the official unveiling of these tablets. The leaked details have provided a glimpse into the tablets' specifications and features, sparking discussions and anticipation within the tech community.

While the battery capacity, charging speed, colors, and memory configurations are important factors, there are undoubtedly more surprises in store. Samsung's legacy of pushing the boundaries of technology suggests that the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series may come with additional innovations that will further enhance the user experience.


The steady stream of leaks and regulatory revelations regarding the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series has ignited substantial excitement among tech enthusiasts and Samsung aficionados. As the launch date draws near, the leaked details about battery capacity, charging speed, colors, and memory configurations serve to paint a clearer picture of what Samsung has in store for its eager audience.

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