NVIDIA's Move: RTX 4060 Ti Price Drop

RTX 4060 Ti

The Current GPU Landscape

The graphics card market has been abuzz with speculation and anticipation as NVIDIA, the renowned GPU manufacturer, is rumored to be considering a price drop for its RTX 4060 Ti model. This development comes in response to the upcoming releases of AMD's RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT GPUs, slated to be unveiled at Gamescom. The information is based on a leak from reliable sources, including Moore's Law Is Dead (MLID), a prominent figure in the tech industry.

The RTX 4060 Ti Pricing Predicament

Upon the release of the RTX 4060 Ti with 8 GB of VRAM at a price of US$399, there was considerable disappointment within the gaming community due to the perceived imbalance between the performance offered and the pricing. NVIDIA further compounded this issue by subsequently launching a 16 GB VRAM variant of the RTX 4060 Ti at a higher price of US$499, essentially charging an extra US$100 for a mere 8 GB of additional video memory. This pricing strategy was met with criticism from both consumers and reviewers alike, with some dubbing it as "NVIDIA’s US$500 joke," as aptly stated by Hardware Unboxed.

The Price Adjustment Prospect

Recent leaks from Moore's Law Is Dead suggest that NVIDIA is considering a price adjustment for the RTX 4060 Ti. According to the sources, this adjustment is being implemented as a "de facto price cut," and it is expected to take effect in the coming weeks. The timing of this potential price reduction is intriguingly aligned with the upcoming release of Starfield, a highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, which is scheduled for September 6. The leak indicates that this adjustment might occur right before the Starfield release, a move aimed at enticing gamers to opt for the RTX 4060 Ti upgrade in preparation for the new title.

Implications of the Price Reduction

If the leak proves accurate, the price reduction could have significant implications for the market. The RTX 4060 Ti, which was previously criticized for its pricing, might become a more appealing option for gamers seeking an optimal balance between performance and cost. The imminent launch of Starfield, a demanding title that encourages PC upgrades, could further fuel the demand for GPUs like the RTX 4060 Ti, particularly if the price drop materializes.

Channel Pricing Adjustment

It's important to note that the rumored price reduction for the RTX 4060 Ti doesn't appear to involve official changes to the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Instead, sources indicate that the "channel pricing will be adjusted down." This adjustment is expected to empower Add-in Board partners (AIBs) and retailers to offer the GPUs at more attractive prices compared to the impending Navi 32 GPUs.

AMD's Upcoming RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT

At Gamescom 2023, AMD is poised to announce its Navi 32-based GPUs, including the RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT. Leaked information suggests that the RX 7800 XT could be priced between US$499 and US$549, while the RX 7700 XT might fall within the range of US$399 to US$499. These competitive price points indicate that AMD is positioning its Radeon GPUs to challenge NVIDIA's RTX 40 series GPUs, with reports even indicating that the RX 7800 (XT) and RX 7700 could outperform the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 Ti, respectively.

Unveiling the Final Price Adjustment

According to MLID's sources, the precise magnitude of the price cut for the RTX 4060 Ti will likely be determined once NVIDIA becomes aware of the official MSRP for the RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT from AMD. This strategy indicates a certain degree of responsiveness to market dynamics, as NVIDIA seeks to remain competitive in the face of AMD's impending product releases.

Conclusion: A Potential Mid-Range Resurgence

If the leaked information proves true, the anticipated price reduction for the RTX 4060 Ti could herald a new era of affordability and competitiveness in the mid-range GPU segment. Paired with the impending launch of AMD's Navi 32 GPUs, the discounted RTX 4060 Ti GPUs might breathe fresh life into a segment that has faced challenges in this generation. Gamers and PC enthusiasts can look forward to more accessible and compelling options for their graphics needs.

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