Realme Unveils 11x: A Leap Forward in Design


The Realme 11 is poised to make its debut in the Indian market, joining its Pro siblings. However, the spotlight might be stolen by the introduction of a novel X variant during Realme's 5th Anniversary event. This new variant promises a "Double Leap" in design, featuring a high-resolution rear camera with "Double Speed" SuperVOOC charging and a groundbreaking "world-first" 5G connectivity setting.

The Arrival of Realme 11

While Indian fans of Realme eagerly anticipated the arrival of the vanilla Realme 11, its launch seemed delayed compared to its Pro and Pro+ counterparts which debuted in the country earlier in 2023. The wait appears to be over, with the smartphone set to be unveiled during the forthcoming 5th Anniversary event.

Innovative "Glory Halo Design" Camera

In a surprising move, Realme has disclosed its plans to introduce an entirely distinct smartphone at the anniversary event. The brand asserts to have doubled its usual "R&D investment" to develop a pioneering "Glory Halo Design" camera module, evoking thoughts of the OnePlus 11 for Android enthusiasts.

Advanced Camera Capabilities

While the new device features a similar camera hump to flagship models, it boasts only two rear cameras. However, one of these sensors purportedly offers "double the industry's HD & Night Shot Quality." This claim is founded on its impressive 108MP resolution, surpassing the standard 50MP. Additionally, the device incorporates 3x zoom, though the nature of this zoom (optical or digital) remains undisclosed.

High-Speed Charging and Revolutionary 5G

Realme has equipped the smartphone with a substantial 5,000mAh battery supported by 67W SuperVOOC charging. This charging capability is twice as fast as certain competing models, enhancing the device's usability.

Moreover, the brand is introducing what it labels the "World's 1st Low-Power 5G Hotspot" to its market. This innovation is expected to enhance connectivity and usability in areas with limited power resources.

Upcoming Reveal

Despite its distinctive design, the new smartphone belongs to the Realme 11 series. Full specifications and pricing details for both the new variant and the vanilla Realme 11 will be unveiled on August 23, 2023.

Anticipation in the Indian Market

The Indian smartphone market has witnessed intense competition in recent years, with manufacturers striving to deliver cutting-edge technology and innovative features to attract consumers. Realme, a relatively new player in the market, has rapidly gained popularity by offering feature-rich smartphones at competitive prices.

The Realme 11x's impending launch during the brand's 5th Anniversary event has generated significant anticipation among Indian consumers. With the successful debut of its Pro and Pro+ models, Realme enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the standard Realme 11. The brand's decision to reveal this model alongside the Realme 11x showcases its commitment to providing a comprehensive range of options to cater to diverse user preferences.

Innovative Design Approach

One of the standout features of the Realme 11x is its "Double Leap" in design, as touted by the company. While specific design details are yet to be fully unveiled, Realme's emphasis on innovation hints at a smartphone that combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. The mention of the "Glory Halo Design" camera module further piques the curiosity of tech enthusiasts.

Camera Excellence and Imaging Advancements

The smartphone's advanced camera capabilities are expected to be a focal point of its appeal. With one of its rear sensors boasting an impressive 108MP resolution, users can anticipate unparalleled image clarity and detail. The claim of "double the industry's HD & Night Shot Quality" indicates Realme's dedication to pushing the boundaries of mobile photography.

The incorporation of 3x zoom adds versatility to the device's photography capabilities. While the nature of this zoom is yet to be fully clarified, it opens up possibilities for capturing subjects at varying distances without compromising image quality.

Charging Innovation and Connectivity

The Realme 11x addresses two critical aspects of modern smartphone usage: battery life and connectivity. The inclusion of a robust 5,000mAh battery ensures extended usage without the constant need for recharging. The 67W SuperVOOC charging takes this convenience a step further, allowing users to quickly recharge their devices and minimize downtime.

The introduction of the "World's 1st Low-Power 5G Hotspot" demonstrates Realme's forward-looking approach to connectivity solutions. This innovation is particularly significant in regions with limited power infrastructure, as it facilitates reliable and efficient 5G connectivity without excessive power consumption.


The forthcoming 5th Anniversary event by Realme holds the promise of unveiling two exciting additions to the Realme 11 series: the vanilla Realme 11 and the innovative Realme 11x. While the former is expected to bring the signature features of the series, the latter's "Double Leap" in design, advanced camera capabilities, high-speed charging, and groundbreaking connectivity setting contribute to the anticipation surrounding its launch.

Realme's commitment to meeting diverse user needs while embracing technological advancements is evident in the upcoming releases. As the smartphone market continues to evolve, the Realme 11x stands poised to make a significant impact, showcasing the brand's dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional user experiences.

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