AMD Ryzen 5 7520C: The Chromebook Revolution

AMD Ryzen 5 7520C

Welcome to our in-depth analysis of the AMD Ryzen 5 7520C. In this article, we will explore the key features, specifications, and performance of this mobile processor designed for Chromebooks in the Mendocino series.

When it comes to choosing a processor for your Chromebook, the AMD Ryzen 5 7520C deserves your attention. Let's dive into what makes it stand out.

If you're interested in a processor that combines power and efficiency, the Ryzen 5 7520C is worth exploring. It packs a punch with its Zen 2 architecture and other remarkable features.

For those who desire a seamless computing experience on their Chromebooks, the 7520C offers promising specifications that are sure to meet your expectations.

Overview of the AMD Ryzen 5 7520C

The AMD Ryzen 5 7520C is a mobile processor designed specifically for Chromebooks in the Mendocino series. Let's take a closer look at its specifications:

Processor Architecture

It integrates four older Zen 2 cores, which are similar to the Ryzen 4000 series, such as the Ryzen 3 4300U.

Clock Speed

The CPU cores clock from 2.8 GHz (base) to an impressive 4.3 GHz in single-core Turbo mode, ensuring swift and responsive performance.


With a 4 MB L3 cache, the Ryzen 5 7520C efficiently handles data, contributing to its overall speed and responsiveness.


Thanks to SMT/Hyperthreading, this CPU can work on 8 threads simultaneously, which enhances multitasking capabilities.

Memory Support

The integrated memory controller supports fast LPDDR5 memory, with a maximum speed of 5500 MHz, ensuring smooth data access and transfer.

Graphics Performance

The Ryzen 5 7520C features an integrated graphics card known as the Radeon 610M iGPU. It utilizes the modern RDNA 2 architecture, albeit with 2 CUs (128 shaders) and a clock speed of up to 1.9 GHz.

Performance Comparison

The CPU performance of the 7520C is expected to outperform a Ryzen 4000U quad-core processor, thanks to its faster memory and high clock speeds.

Manufacturing Technology

The Mendocino series, including the Ryzen 5 7520C, is produced using a relatively modern 6nm FinFET process at TSMC, offering an excellent balance of power efficiency and performance.

Power Efficiency

The Ryzen 5 7520C is rated at a 15 Watt TDP (Thermal Design Power), making it an ideal choice for thin and lightweight laptops where power efficiency is crucial.

Specifications at a Glance

Here's a quick overview of the key specifications of the AMD Ryzen 5 7520C:

  • Clock Rate: 2800 - 4300 MHz
  • Level 1 Cache: 256 KB
  • Level 2 Cache: 2 MB
  • Level 3 Cache: 4 MB
  • Number of Cores / Threads: 4 / 8
  • Power Consumption (TDP): 15 Watt
  • Manufacturing Technology: 6 nm
  • Features: XFR, FMA3, SSE 4.2, AVX2, SMT
  • GPU: AMD Radeon 610M (Clocks up to 1900 MHz)
  • 64 Bit Support: Yes
  • Architecture: x86


In conclusion, the AMD Ryzen 5 7520C is a powerful and efficient mobile processor designed for Chromebooks. Its combination of Zen 2 architecture, high clock speeds, and power efficiency make it a standout choice for thin and lightweight laptops. Whether you're a casual user or a demanding multitasker, the Ryzen 5 7520C has the performance capabilities to meet your needs.

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