Health at Your Fingertips: Exploring the iHeal 5's Advanced Health Monitoring

iHeal 5

The latest addition to the world of affordable smartwatches, the Kospetfit iHeal 5, is making waves with its promise of advanced health monitoring features at an unbelievably low price. Priced at just $44.99, this smartwatch claims to offer ECG, blood sugar, and blood pressure monitoring, among a myriad of other health and fitness functionalities.

The Kospetfit iHeal 5 is the successor to the iHeal 4, which already raised eyebrows with its introduction of blood sugar monitoring. Now, the iHeal 5 takes things a step further by integrating a range of health functions, including ECG, PPG, blood pressure measurement, and blood oxygen monitoring.

However, it's important for potential buyers to approach these health features with a certain level of skepticism. The iHeal 5 is not certified as a medical device, and the reliability and accuracy of its health measurements might not match those of approved medical products.

Key Features

  • Display: The iHeal 5 boasts a 1.43-inch AMOLED display with 3D glass, encased in a sleek metal body. The display promises vibrant visuals and an immersive user experience.
  • Health Monitoring: In addition to ECG, PPG, blood pressure, and blood sugar monitoring, the smartwatch offers body temperature measurement and sleep monitoring, catering to both fitness enthusiasts and those focused on overall well-being.
  • Sports Modes: With various sports modes, users can track and optimize their workouts, making the iHeal 5 a companion for active lifestyles.
  • Connectivity: The smartwatch features Bluetooth telephony, ensuring seamless connectivity with smartphones. Users can receive notifications directly on their wrist.
  • Additional Functions: Beyond health and fitness, the iHeal 5 includes a range of other functions such as music control, alarm clock, calculator, weather updates, Find Your Phone feature, and more.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable Pricing: At $44.99, the iHeal 5 offers an impressive array of features without breaking the bank.
  • Comprehensive Health Monitoring: The inclusion of ECG, PPG, blood pressure, and blood sugar monitoring sets it apart in its price range.
  • Stylish Design: The 1.43-inch AMOLED display with 3D glass, packed into a metal casing, adds a touch of elegance to the smartwatch.
  • Free Shipping: Direct purchase from the manufacturer includes free shipping, enhancing the overall value for money.


  • Uncertified Health Measurements: The smartwatch is not approved as a medical device, raising questions about the accuracy of its health-related functions.
  • Potential Availability Issues: While available directly from the manufacturer, the iHeal 5 may not be readily accessible on popular online platforms like Amazon.

Price and Availability

The Kospetfit iHeal 5 is currently available for purchase directly from the manufacturer at a price of $44.99. This includes free shipping. A variant without ECG and PPG, offering only blood sugar measurement, is available for $5 less.

Color options include silver/black and black. As the manufacturer expands its distribution channels, the iHeal 5 may soon become available on platforms like Amazon, providing more buying options for potential customers.

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