OPPO Find X7 Pro: A Rumor-filled Journey

OPPO Find X7 Pro

The "Find X7 Pro". Or is that "Ultra" now?

OPPO's Find X7 series has yet to launch, yet is the subject of rumors hinting that things will be very different in this generation compared to its predecessors. The latest twist in this tale is that its Pro variant has been discontinued, and that only its Ultra and vanilla counterparts remain. The former will allegedly still encompass all of the OEM's top-of-the-line upgrades, however - OPPO's latest premium display included.

OPPO Find X7 series rumors are coming thick and fast, and most of them are related to their ability to build on the X6 Pro's reputation for smartphone camera excellence. Then again, according to the latest leak, none of them will inherit that name in 2024.

There might indeed be 3 Find X7 variants as suggested earlier, however, they are now believed to launch as the Find X7, the X7 Ultra, and the X7 Ultra "Satellite Edition".

Accordingly, the traditional Pro version might be on the way out - then again, its alleged loss might boost speculation that the first 2 of those will be available internationally next year, while the 3rd remains a Chinese-market exclusive due to its eponymous spec's inability to work outside that country.

Then again, this theory is almost totally based on just 1 new tip from prodigious Weibo account Digital Chat Station, which also purports to outline the series' display specs in more detail.

The Find X7 series is now thus backed to launch with LTPO "8T" panels from BOE across the board, although they will be 2K and 6.82 inches in diagonal length in the Ultra and its "Satellite Edition", whereas the plain X7 makes do with a 1.5K 6.78-inch version instead.

Display Revolution: LTPO "8T" Panels

The adoption of LTPO "8T" panels from BOE marks a significant move for OPPO's Find X7 series. These panels promise enhanced power efficiency, a critical factor for modern smartphones that demand both vibrant displays and prolonged battery life. The decision to opt for 2K resolution on the Ultra and its "Satellite Edition" suggests a commitment to providing users with a visually immersive experience. However, the plain X7's 1.5K 6.78-inch version might leave some users wanting more in terms of display clarity.

The Enigmatic Disappearance of the Pro Variant

The rumored discontinuation of the Pro variant raises eyebrows in the tech community. If true, this move could signify a strategic shift for OPPO. Perhaps, the company aims to streamline its product lineup, focusing on the Ultra and vanilla models to cater to a broader audience. The absence of the Pro version might fuel speculation about the international availability of the X7 and X7 Ultra, leaving the "Satellite Edition" as a unique offering for the Chinese market.

Camera Excellence: Will the X7 Series Live Up to Expectations?

One of the hallmarks of OPPO's smartphones has been their exceptional camera capabilities. The X6 Pro earned acclaim for its prowess in smartphone photography. However, the latest leak suggests a departure from the established nomenclature, leaving us wondering whether the Find X7 series will continue the legacy of camera excellence. The focus on camera improvements is evident, but the decision to rebrand remains a mystery.

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