Honor 90 GT: A New Contender in the Smartphone Arena

Honor 90 GT

The smartphone landscape is abuzz with anticipation as the Honor 90 GT is rumored to join the ranks of the highly awaited Magic6 Pro in the upcoming 2023/24 lineup. The Magic6 Pro has generated excitement for its fast-charging capabilities and satellite communication features, but it seems that its thunder might be stolen by a surprise entrant from the mid-range 90 series.

Honor, known for its innovative approach, has kept enthusiasts guessing about the launch date of its full Magic6 series. This decision becomes more intriguing in light of the competition's aggressive push with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered rivals. However, recent developments suggest that the Honor event might be just around the corner, ready to make its mark in the fiercely competitive smartphone market.

The emergence of a new Honor model, identified by the code BVL-AN16, in official regulatory databases has sparked speculations about an imminent debut. Believed to be the successor to the Magic5 Pro, this device stands out as the latest "satellite mobile terminal" with 5G connectivity listed on the MIIT database.

Adding to the intrigue, the same device has surfaced in a recent 3C listing, boasting the impressive 100W wired charging seen in the Magic5 Ultimate Edition. While expectations are high for a flagship, the unexpected twist comes with rumors of a new mid-range smartphone entering the arena.

Despite being a last-gen device, the Honor 90 GT promises to bring fresh changes to the series. One notable improvement is the abandonment of the series' unconventional camera hump design, opting instead for a more traditional traffic-light look. The new gold accents on a rich navy background add a touch of sophistication to the aesthetics.

The "GT" moniker, attached to the Honor 90, suggests a performance-oriented variant, making it a potentially exciting addition to the lineup. If rumors hold true, both the Honor 90 GT and the Magic6 series could hit the shelves simultaneously in late 2023 or early 2024.

Key Features and Assessments

  • CPU: The specific details about the CPU are yet to be revealed, but the Honor 90 GT is expected to deliver robust performance, especially with the "GT" designation suggesting a focus on power.
  • Graphics Processor: Graphics performance is crucial for an immersive smartphone experience. While details are scant, the emphasis on mid-range suggests a competent GPU tailored for the target audience.
  • Display: The device's display is anticipated to offer a visually pleasing experience, possibly with high resolution and vibrant colors. The move to a more traditional design suggests a consumer-friendly approach.
  • Connectivity: With 5G capabilities and a mention of a "satellite mobile terminal," the Honor 90 GT appears to be geared towards advanced connectivity options, catering to users who demand seamless communication.
  • RAM: The RAM capacity remains undisclosed, but given the device's positioning in the mid-range segment, it is expected to provide sufficient memory for smooth multitasking.
  • Storage: Details about storage options are pending, but users can anticipate ample space for apps, media, and files.
  • Camera: The shift to a more conventional camera design is a positive move, addressing concerns about the aesthetics. Further details about camera specifications will be crucial in determining its photography capabilities.
  • Dimension: The device is likely to feature dimensions that strike a balance between a comfortable grip and a sizable display, offering a user-friendly form factor.
  • OS: The operating system remains unspecified, but considering Honor's track record, users can expect a customized Android experience with added features.
  • Price and Other Features: Pricing details are eagerly awaited, and additional features, such as biometric security, battery capacity, and software enhancements, will play a pivotal role in the device's overall value proposition.
  • Pros: The Honor 90 GT brings a refreshing design change, potentially powerful performance, and advanced connectivity features. The traditional camera layout and gold accents add a touch of sophistication.
  • Cons: As details are limited, potential drawbacks, if any, remain speculative. The success of the Honor 90 GT will depend on factors like competitive pricing, compelling features, and market timing.


The smartphone arena is set for a dynamic shift with the potential introduction of the Honor 90 GT. As it vies for attention alongside the Magic6 Pro, consumers can anticipate a blend of style, performance, and innovation. The rumored features, coupled with the element of surprise, make the Honor 90 GT a device to watch in the coming months.

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