OPPO Find X7 and X7 Pro: A Comparative Analysis

OPPO Find X7

The smartphone industry is abuzz with leaks and speculations surrounding the upcoming OPPO Find X7 series and the OnePlus 12. According to the latest insider information, these cutting-edge premium Android smartphones share a notable feature – a wired charging system that promises impressive charging speeds. Let's delve into the details of these highly anticipated devices and assess the leaked information.

The leaked images of the OPPO Find X7 suggest a device at the forefront of technology, hinting at an exciting feature set. What catches immediate attention is the revelation about the wired charging system, which is rumored to allow at least one of the new flagships to fully charge in just under half an hour.

Interestingly, the OPPO Find X7 and X7 Pro share more than just charging speeds. Recent leaks indicate that these devices not only have the same charging speed but also use identical power bricks to achieve this rapid charging rate. Such similarity might raise eyebrows within the Android market, but the explanation lies in the historical connection and current co-branding status of OPPO and OnePlus, both belonging to the BBK Electronics conglomerate.

The 3C approval for the OPPO Find X7 and X7 Pro (or OPPO PHY110 and PHZ110 respectively) reveals compatibility with a 100W standard, utilizing the same VCBAHBCH or VCBAOBCH chargers as the OnePlus 12. However, the 3C certification does not provide information about the battery size in either the Find X7 or X7 Pro. Speculation arises that at least one of them might feature the OnePlus 12's impressive 5,400mAh battery, capable of charging to 100% in as little as 26 minutes.

The lack of concrete evidence leaves room for speculation, but the leaked details certainly hint at the possibility of OPPO's flagship devices boasting similar battery prowess as their OnePlus counterpart. The anticipation grows as users wonder whether the X7 Pro will also support the OnePlus 12's exceptionally fast 50W wireless charging, estimated to complete a full charge in just 55 minutes.

The rumors about the OPPO Find X7 Pro being another version of the OnePlus 12 gain momentum, especially considering the potential improvement in the camera setup. While there is no conclusive evidence, the industry is buzzing with excitement over the prospect of a top-tier device with a distinct camera hump, setting the X7 Pro apart from its OnePlus counterpart.

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