Samsung Galaxy S24: One UI 6.1 Unveiled with AI Magic

Samsung Galaxy S24

Rumors have been buzzing about a potential Samsung One UI 6.1 version set to debut alongside the highly anticipated Galaxy S24 in January 2024. Leaked images and information suggest that the new UI will bring a plethora of improvements, with a significant focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

Recently, an X user provided a sneak peek into One UI 6.1, showcasing three new modes of battery protection options. Images circulating online, such as the ones published by @WigettaGaming on X (formerly Twitter), give us a glimpse into the potential enhancements awaiting users.

AI Takes Center Stage

The magic word for One UI 6.1 is undoubtedly AI. A brand new version of the interface is making waves, and numerous photos and screenshots provide insights into the expected features on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, as well as on older Samsung phones in the future.

Generative AI appears to be a significant part of One UI 6.1, as evidenced by leaks from X user @BennettBuhner. Screenshots reveal a leap beyond a mere version number increment, showcasing the power of AI in various aspects of the interface.

Under the theme "AI for everyone," Samsung is poised to make announcements at CES in January. The upcoming One UI 6.1 update, scheduled to launch shortly thereafter with the Galaxy S24 series, promises a wealth of AI features. Notably, users can leverage AI to create personalized wallpapers and swiftly adjust the weather display on the lock screen, as depicted in the leaked screenshots.

Similarities with Google's Pixel 8

If the features mentioned sound familiar, it's because they share some similarities with Google's Pixel 8. The AI capabilities, reminiscent of Google's Magic Editor, allow users to manipulate objects in photos, copy elements between images, and virtually enhance scenes. In Samsung Notes, AI will play a role in formatting and tidying up content, mirroring capabilities seen in Google's Pixel lineup.

Live Translate and Real-Time Enhancements

Leaked screenshots of One UI 6.1 confirm features that Samsung had previously announced. Real-time translation during calls and the ability to fine-tune video conferences by reducing background noise or filtering backgrounds are part of the package. Additionally, copying text from photos is expected to be a handy feature, albeit limited to certain Samsung apps.

Compatibility Questions

One lingering question is the compatibility of One UI 6.1 features with older Galaxy phones, such as the Galaxy S23 series. While many Samsung phones are expected to receive the new One UI version, it remains uncertain whether all the aforementioned AI-driven features will be fully activated on older devices.

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