Huawei P70: At least one of the 2024 camera flagships is getting an adapted 1-inch sensor

Huawei P70

After the Mate 60 RS, the Huawei P70 series is on Huawei's release schedule. The first rumors and leaks are already popping up. It is still unclear when Huawei will actually unveil the P70 series; historically, the new camera flagships have always been launched in spring. In 2024, despite all the problems surrounding Huawei smartphones, things should get exciting again because the camera sensors are getting a shake-up, as several leakers affirm.

This year, after years of enforced silence, Huawei has once again made people sit up and take notice. Surprisingly, the Mate 60 series was launched in China with banned chips and 5G support, and the smartphone manufacturer, which was once very popular in Europe, will not be staying still in 2024 either. At the very least, there are currently signs of a proper comeback for the P-series camera flagships, which recently made waves in this country with the P30 Pro in 2019.

In the past, one or two references to the Huawei P70, P70 Pro or the presumably renamed P70 Art top model have already been made, most recently by an analyst. There have also been recent reports about a variant with a 50 MP Omnivision OV50H camera sensor, which can currently be found in the Chinese iQOO 12 Pro and seems to deliver quite good photos with its 1/1.3 inch size. Even more exciting, of course, is the top model P70 Art, which is likely to be the first Huawei model to feature a sensor in 1-inch format.

According to various reports, Huawei is currently stockpiling around 2 million Sony IMX989 sensors, which are likely to have been modified. In the old Huawei tradition, these are said to be RYYB pixel grids, and Huawei does not seem to be fully utilizing the huge sensor and is cropping it a little. The sensor, which appears to be named IMX989Y, will be combined with 1G6P optics and a variable aperture, and the P70 Pro and P70 Art are expected to feature an OV64B telephoto lens, according to the leaker. Loyal fans of Huawei may also benefit from new XMAGE camera software and Harmony OS4 in 2024.

The Camera Innovation

The Huawei P70 series is poised to revolutionize smartphone photography with its camera setup. The rumored adaptation of a 1-inch sensor in the P70 Art model is a bold move that demonstrates Huawei's commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile imaging. The inclusion of the OV64B telephoto lens adds another layer to the photography experience, promising users exceptional zoom capabilities.

Stockpiling Sony IMX989 Sensors

Reports of Huawei stockpiling around 2 million Sony IMX989 sensors have sparked curiosity among tech enthusiasts. The modification of these sensors, following the RYYB pixel grid tradition, hints at Huawei's intention to optimize and enhance the sensor's capabilities. The decision to slightly crop the sensor suggests a meticulous approach to ensure the best possible image quality for users.

XMAGE Camera Software and Harmony OS4

One of the anticipated highlights for loyal Huawei fans is the introduction of new XMAGE camera software and Harmony OS4 in 2024. The synergy between hardware and software is a crucial aspect of the overall user experience. The incorporation of advanced camera software and the latest operating system signifies Huawei's commitment to delivering a seamless and cutting-edge mobile experience.

Speculations and Leaks

As with any pre-release period, speculations and leaks fuel the excitement around the upcoming Huawei P70 series. The mention of a 50 MP Omnivision OV50H camera sensor in a variant adds an intriguing element to the mix. The comparisons drawn with the iQOO 12 Pro suggest promising photography capabilities, further heightening the anticipation for Huawei's next flagship.

Conclusion: A Promising Future

In conclusion, the Huawei P70 series appears to be gearing up for a significant comeback in 2024. The rumored camera innovations, sensor adaptations, and the integration of cutting-edge software demonstrate Huawei's determination to regain its position as a pioneer in the smartphone industry. As we await the official release, the tech community is buzzing with excitement, eager to witness the next evolution in Huawei's flagship lineup.

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