Szbox DS135D: New Notebook with Two Touchscreens

Szbox DS135D

The Unusual Szbox DS135D

The Szbox DS135D is an unusual notebook, featuring two touchscreens each sized at 13.5 inches. This design provides a more-than-decent work surface, and the notebook can be opened up like a book, facilitating easy document display. While the two screens aim to enhance productivity, practical use may necessitate a keyboard and mouse.

Processing Power - A Critical Evaluation

The manufacturer emphasizes the unique selling point of dual touchscreens, but the computing power raises concerns. The notebook is equipped with an Intel N100 processor, known for its limited performance. With a TDP of 15 watts and a processor featuring 4 computing cores (without hyperthreading), it can only process 4 threads. This limitation may impact the notebook's ability to handle demanding tasks efficiently.

Memory Variants and Storage

The Szbox DS135D is available in various memory configurations. The storage options range from 128 GB to 2 TB SSD, ensuring users can choose based on their needs. The fixed 16 GB RAM and NVMe-connected SSD contribute to decent overall system performance.

Other Features

Despite the potential shortcomings in processing power, the notebook offers some commendable features. Two USB Type C ports support a full range of functions, including image content output. USB 3.0, a jack plug, and Wi-Fi further enhance the connectivity options. As an import, the laptop is priced starting at just under US$700. However, caution is advised against direct imports due to potential risks related to warranty claims.

Pros and Cons Summary


  • Unique dual touchscreen design.
  • Decent work surface and easy document display.
  • Varied storage options up to 2 TB SSD.
  • Commendable connectivity features including USB Type C, USB 3.0, and Wi-Fi.


  • Intel N100 processor may limit overall performance.
  • 16 GB fixed RAM may be insufficient for some power users.
  • Considerable risks associated with warranty claims for direct imports.

Overall, the Szbox DS135D offers an intriguing dual touchscreen design, but potential buyers should carefully weigh the limitations in processing power and consider their specific needs before making a purchase decision.

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