Amazfit GTR 4 Update - ZeppOS 3.0

ZeppOS 3.0

The Amazfit GTR 4 is undergoing a significant transformation with the rollout of ZeppOS 3.0, delivered through update version This update promises to enhance the user experience, introduce additional wellness tools, and improve overall functionality. However, not all users are having a smooth transition after installing the update, raising some concerns about the latest software.

ZeppOS 3.0 Features

ZeppOS 3.0, delivered with version, introduces a range of exciting features to the Amazfit GTR 4. The most noticeable change is the refreshed user interface, bringing a modern and sleek look to the smartwatch. Additional wellness tools have been incorporated, aiming to provide users with a more comprehensive health and fitness experience.

The official change log highlights redesigned elements such as the Control Center, Shortcut Cards, and Widgets, all of which now come with personalization options. Version introduces a Grid View for apps and a Button Mode, allowing users to navigate with ease using the up and down buttons. The system font has been enhanced to support more emojis, and syncing the connected phone's Do Not Disturb mode is now possible.

Other noteworthy improvements include night-time effects for weather app animations and the introduction of three new Breathe modes: Relax, Sleeping, and Focus. On the fitness front, Zepp Coach has been upgraded with running training plans, Triathlon, and support for various multisport activities. Heart rate straps and cycling power meters are now compatible, and training templates with interval training for specific sports have been added. Additionally, a post-workout heart rate measurement feature has been included.

User Reactions

Despite the promising features, some users have reported issues post-update. The update, with a size of 214.38MB, may take a considerable amount of time to download. Zepp Health recommends initiating the update by navigating to Watch Settings > System > Check for Updates. However, users on Reddit have shared concerns about battery drain problems after installing the latest version.

Moreover, users from different countries have indicated that they are still awaiting the update, sparking rumors of a potential pause in the rollout. Speculations suggest that Zepp Health might be addressing various issues before completing the distribution of software version to all Amazfit GTR 4 devices.

Pros and Cons


  • Modern and sleek user interface design.
  • Additional wellness tools for a comprehensive health experience.
  • Redesigned Control Center, Shortcut Cards, and Widgets with personalization options.
  • Grid View and Button Mode for enhanced navigation.
  • Improved system font supporting more emojis.
  • Syncing Do Not Disturb mode with the connected phone.
  • Night-time effects for weather app animations.
  • New Breathe modes: Relax, Sleeping, and Focus.
  • Enhancements in Zepp Coach, including running training plans, Triathlon, and multisport activities.
  • Compatibility with heart rate straps and cycling power meters.
  • Training templates and interval training for specific sports.
  • Post-workout heart rate measurement feature.


  • Reports of battery drain issues post-update.
  • Delays in the global rollout, with some users still awaiting the update.
  • Rumors of a pause in the rollout to address potential issues.


The Amazfit GTR 4's transition to ZeppOS 3.0 through update version brings a plethora of exciting features and improvements. While the redesigned interface and additional wellness tools are commendable, the reported battery drain issues and delays in the global rollout raise concerns among users.

As Zepp Health addresses these issues, it remains to be seen how quickly and effectively the company can ensure a smooth experience for all users. The potential of ZeppOS 3.0 to elevate the Amazfit GTR 4's capabilities is evident, but the success of this update hinges on resolving the reported drawbacks.

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