Google Pixel Watch 3: Two Sizes, Two Choices

Google Pixel Watch 3

Google Pixel Watch 3 will reportedly come in two sizes

Exciting news is circulating the tech world as reports suggest that Google is in the development phase of not one, but two sizes for the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3. This comes as a response to the feedback received on the previous generations, particularly about their smaller size.

The current 2nd-gen Pixel smartwatch from Google brought significant improvements, but it maintained the same size as its predecessor, which, for some users, felt a bit diminutive. Addressing this concern head-on, Google's plan to introduce two different sizes for the Pixel Watch 3 is indeed a welcome move for those seeking more diversity in their smartwatch choices.

The Need for Variety

One of the recurring design criticisms for the past two Google Pixel Watch iterations has been their compactness. According to a reliable source from 9To5Google, the tech giant aims to rectify this with the upcoming Pixel Watch 3. The source suggests that two distinct sizes are in the pipeline, catering to a wider range of users with different preferences and wrist sizes.

Market Comparison

While details about the specific size difference between the two variants of the Google Pixel Watch 3 are still under wraps, a glance at the current market offers some insights. For instance, Samsung's Galaxy Watch 6 is available in 44 mm and 40 mm sizes, providing options for users with varying style preferences. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, in 43 mm and 47 mm, showcases Samsung's commitment to accommodating different tastes.

A parallel scenario is observed in Apple's lineup with the Apple Watch Series 9, offering 45 mm and 41 mm sizes. In contrast, both the 1st and 2nd generations of the Google Pixel Watch stuck to a singular 41 mm size. While this size may suit many users, a segment of the market desires a larger screen, especially when compared to the more expansive choices available from competitors.

Implications of a Larger Size

Envisioning a larger size for the Google Pixel Watch 3 brings forth the possibility of enhanced specifications. With more space, Google could integrate a larger battery, addressing one of the common concerns in smartwatch usage – battery life. Additionally, a larger form factor can accommodate more sensors, paving the way for advanced health and fitness tracking features.

Large smartwatches also come with the advantage of more extensive screens, allowing users to access information at a glance and facilitating easier interaction with the device. This move aligns with the industry trend of providing a more immersive and user-friendly experience, a crucial factor in the competitive smartwatch market.

Addressing Design Criticisms

Beyond size considerations, there's hope among consumers that Google will address certain design critiques that persisted across the first two generations of the Pixel Watch. In particular, complaints about thick bezels surrounding the display have been prevalent.

As the tech community anticipates the official unveiling of the Pixel Watch 3, there's an expectation that Google will refine the design, potentially minimizing the bezels and optimizing the display-to-body ratio. This adjustment could result in a sleeker and more modern aesthetic, aligning with the evolving expectations of smartwatch enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the development of two sizes for the Google Pixel Watch 3 marks a strategic move by Google to cater to a broader audience. By acknowledging the diverse preferences in smartwatch sizes, the company positions itself to compete more effectively in a market saturated with options.

The potential benefits of a larger size, such as improved specifications and a more immersive user experience, add a layer of anticipation for tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the Pixel Watch 3. If Google can successfully address both size concerns and design criticisms, the Pixel Watch 3 might emerge as a formidable player in the competitive smartwatch landscape.

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