Amazon's Grand Plan: Unveiling Super Alexa and Alexa Plus Subscription

Super Alexa and Alexa Plus

According to a leak, Amazon is gearing up to make significant advancements in its subscription model by introducing a new super Alexa. The tech giant is looking to capitalize on its AI and voice assistant, Alexa, which has faced financial challenges in the past.

As leaked information from internal Amazon documents suggests, the company is set to transform its Alexa voice assistant into a super version, and simultaneously, Alexa Plus is slated to be launched as a new, paid subscription later this year.

At the end of January last year, Dave Limp, former head of hardware and devices at Amazon, made it clear that despite financial struggles, the company is determined to make a profit with its voice assistant Alexa. Limp emphasized that, despite major restructuring and job cuts, Amazon was committed to Alexa and planned to generate more revenue with new AI functions in the future.

Leaked Amazon documents published by Business Insider (BI) now reveal Amazon's strategy to achieve this. The documents indicate that Amazon is enhancing its Echo voice assistant for the introduction of a new paid subscription model. The subscription model, tentatively named "Alexa Plus," aims to provide users with more entertainment options and personalized AI features.

Insider information suggests that the Amazon Alexa development team is currently operating on a tight schedule with a deadline set for June 30. The voice technology in development, known as "Remarkable Alexa," has undergone testing by 15,000 external customers, according to a US report. Amazon plans to roll out the new paid subscription "Alexa Plus" to customers in 2024.

For a fee, Super Alexa promises Amazon customers enhanced conversational and personalized AI technology. However, reports from BI indicate that the quality of the answers provided by the new "Remarkable Alexa" falls short of expectations. The super version of Alexa currently delivers inaccurate responses, takes too much time, and exhibits weaknesses when handling ambiguous queries.

In addition, the planned paid subscription for Alexa has sparked heated debates internally at Amazon regarding the fundamental direction of the project. "Informed sources" suggest that certain individuals familiar with the project have serious doubts about whether customers will be willing to pay for Alexa. Alongside the subscription-based Alexa, Amazon is also working on a new web browser-based version of Alexa, as mentioned in the BI report.

Reactions and Assessments

Super Alexa Development

The move to upgrade Alexa into a super version showcases Amazon's commitment to evolving its voice assistant technology. However, the reported issues with the accuracy and speed of "Remarkable Alexa" raise concerns about the feasibility of this ambitious development. Amazon needs to address these issues promptly to ensure a smooth and successful launch of Super Alexa.

Alexa Plus Subscription Model

The introduction of a paid subscription model, "Alexa Plus," reflects Amazon's strategy to monetize its voice assistant further. Offering additional entertainment and personalized AI features could attract users, but the company must carefully consider the pricing strategy to avoid potential resistance from customers. The internal debates at Amazon indicate a level of uncertainty and suggest the need for a thorough market analysis before finalizing the subscription model.

Web Browser-Based Alexa

The parallel development of a web browser-based version of Alexa demonstrates Amazon's awareness of diverse user preferences. While expanding accessibility, Amazon should ensure a seamless integration between the web-based and device-based versions of Alexa to provide a unified user experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Strategic move to enhance Alexa's capabilities
  • Potential for increased revenue with the introduction of a paid subscription model
  • Diversification with the development of a web browser-based version


  • Issues with accuracy and speed in the development of Super Alexa
  • Uncertainty about customer willingness to pay for Alexa subscriptions
  • Internal debates indicating potential challenges in the project's direction


Amazon's ambitious plans for a super Alexa and the introduction of a paid subscription model demonstrate the company's determination to position Alexa as a leading voice assistant in the market. However, addressing the reported issues and carefully navigating the challenges surrounding the subscription model are crucial for the success of these endeavors. As the tech giant continues to innovate, it must prioritize user experience and market demand to ensure the long-term viability of its Alexa ecosystem.

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