N-One NPad X1: Affordable Android Tablet

N-One NPad X1

The N-One NPad X1, a relatively inexpensive Android tablet with promising features, has introduced a new model version. Priced at around $180, excluding shipping or import taxes, this tablet aims to break barriers to high-resolution streaming.

The standout feature of the new version is its Widevine L1 certification, facilitating full HD resolution streaming from platforms like Netflix and Prime Video. The tablet boasts an 11-inch display with a resolution of 2000 x 1200. Equipped with four individual speakers strategically placed on its corners, the N-One NPad X1 promises a satisfying audio experience.

Powering the device is a MediaTek Helio G99 processor (SoC) with two robust Cortex A76 cores. The tablet's 8 GB RAM ensures smooth multitasking, making it well-suited for internet browsing. Storage-wise, it incorporates a sensible 128 GB UFS 2.2 storage.

For connectivity, the N-One NPad X1 supports dual SIM cards, but exclusively on 4G mobile networks, omitting compatibility with 5G networks. A 20 MP main camera from Sony is advertised, accompanied by an 8 MP front camera. Despite its slim 7.5-millimeter profile, the tablet weighs a mere 525 grams. Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, and a sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment based on ambient light further enhance its usability.

The tablet houses an 8600 mAh battery, supporting up to 18 watts of charging. Running on Android 13, it offers the latest features and optimizations. Additionally, a GNSS sensor is included, turning the tablet into a navigational tool.

CPU: MediaTek Helio G99

The N-One NPad X1 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, featuring two potent Cortex A76 cores. This configuration ensures a smooth and responsive user experience, making the tablet suitable for various tasks, including streaming high-resolution content.

Graphics Processor: Integrated

While the article doesn't explicitly mention a dedicated graphics processor, the tablet likely relies on integrated graphics within the MediaTek Helio G99 SoC. This should be sufficient for typical media playback and everyday tasks but might not cater to demanding gaming requirements.

Display: 11-inch, 2000 x 1200 resolution

The tablet boasts an 11-inch display with a resolution of 2000 x 1200, providing a crisp and vibrant visual experience. The inclusion of Widevine L1 certification enhances the streaming capabilities, allowing users to enjoy high-definition content from popular platforms like Netflix and Prime Video.

Connectivity: Dual SIM, 4G, Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0

The N-One NPad X1 supports dual SIM cards, enabling users to stay connected on 4G mobile networks. However, it's important to note that 5G compatibility is not mentioned. With dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, the tablet offers versatile connectivity options for a range of devices and accessories.


With a sensible 8 GB of RAM, the N-One NPad X1 ensures efficient multitasking and smooth performance. This capacity should be ample for running multiple applications simultaneously, providing a seamless user experience.

Storage: 128 GB UFS 2.2

The built-in UFS 2.2 storage with a capacity of 128 GB offers a decent amount of space for storing apps, media, and other files. This contributes to the tablet's overall responsiveness and ensures users have ample room for their digital content.

Camera: 20 MP Main, 8 MP Front

The N-One NPad X1 features a 20 MP main camera from Sony, promising quality photo and video capture. The 8 MP front camera is suitable for video calls and selfies. These camera specifications enhance the tablet's versatility, catering to both entertainment and communication needs.

Dimension: 7.5mm Thickness, 525g Weight

With a sleek 7.5mm thickness and a lightweight design at 525 grams, the N-One NPad X1 is a portable and convenient device. The compact dimensions make it easy to carry, appealing to users who prioritize portability without compromising on features.

OS: Android 13

Running on Android 13, the N-One NPad X1 benefits from the latest features and optimizations offered by the Android operating system. Users can expect a modern and user-friendly interface, along with access to a vast ecosystem of apps through the Google Play Store.

Price and Other Features

The current price of the N-One NPad X1 is approximately $180, excluding additional costs like shipping or import taxes. Despite its affordable price tag, the tablet offers a range of features, including Widevine L1 certification, dual SIM support, powerful cameras, and a long-lasting battery, making it a compelling option for budget-conscious consumers.

Pros and Cons


  • Widevine L1 certification for high-resolution streaming.
  • Powerful MediaTek Helio G99 processor for smooth performance.
  • 8 GB RAM ensures efficient multitasking.
  • Ample 128 GB UFS 2.2 storage for digital content.
  • Dual SIM support for connectivity on 4G networks.
  • Quality 20 MP main camera and 8 MP front camera.
  • Portable design with 7.5mm thickness and 525g weight.
  • Latest Android 13 operating system for modern features.


  • Limited to 4G connectivity, lacks 5G support.
  • No explicit mention of a dedicated graphics processor.
  • May not meet the demands of gaming enthusiasts.

Overall, the N-One NPad X1 presents an enticing option for users seeking an affordable Android tablet with commendable features. While it may not cater to every niche, its combination of price, performance, and features makes it a noteworthy contender in the budget tablet market.

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