Samsung Unveils Galaxy AI: Launch Event Revealed for Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra

Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can already be seen in a leaked promo image. The big Galaxy Unpacked launch event for the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24+, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra is official. In around two weeks, Samsung will present its next-generation flagship smartphones with an increased focus on AI features, as the announcement clearly indicates.

In a post on X (embedded below), Samsung Australia has announced the long-awaited Galaxy Unpacked launch event, which starts on Wednesday, January 17, at 10:00 am (Pacific Standard Time). The event will take place in San Jose, California, but will also be broadcast live on Samsung's website as usual.

The short teaser video hardly reveals any details about the event, but the tagline "Galaxy AI is coming" clearly suggests that the focus will not be on the hardware of the Galaxy S24 series, but rather on its AI features. But this doesn't mean innovations in terms of hardware, prices, and preorder bonuses will be absent.

According to a recent leak, the Galaxy S24 series is expected to have the same pricing as the S23 series from last year, at least in the USA. The Galaxy S24 will start at $800, the S24+ at $1000, and the S24 Ultra at least at $1200. Another leak from Europe suggests that both base models of the Galaxy S24 (8GB/128GB) and Galaxy S24+ (12GB/256GB) will be 50€ cheaper in Europe than last year at 899€ and 1149€, respectively. Contrariwise, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to be 50€ more expensive than the Galaxy S23 Ultra at 1449€.

The new AI features apparently include Live Translate for real-time language translation and an alternative to Google's Magic Editor. According to a leaked infographic, only the Galaxy S24 will be delivered with the Samsung Exynos 2400, while both the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy globally. All three models feature 120 Hz, 2600 nits bright LTPO AMOLED panels, while the 200 MP main camera and the 50 MP telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom are reserved for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, as is the frame (made of titanium instead of aluminum).

Reactions and Assessments:

CPU - Processing Power:

The inclusion of the Samsung Exynos 2400 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy in the Galaxy S24 series promises powerful processing capabilities. Users can expect smooth multitasking, enhanced performance in resource-intensive applications, and improved energy efficiency.

Graphics Processor:

The graphics prowess of the Galaxy S24 series, driven by its advanced GPU, is poised to deliver stunning visuals and an immersive gaming experience. The leaked details suggest a focus on optimizing graphical performance, catering to users who demand top-notch graphics quality.

Display - LTPO AMOLED Panels:

Boasting 120 Hz LTPO AMOLED panels with a brightness of 2600 nits, the Galaxy S24 series promises vibrant colors, smooth animations, and excellent visibility even in bright conditions. The inclusion of LTPO technology hints at improved power efficiency, contributing to prolonged battery life.


While specific details about connectivity features are not explicitly mentioned, the emphasis on AI suggests potential advancements in wireless communication, perhaps enhancing the overall connectivity experience for users.

RAM and Storage:

The leaked information indicates varying configurations for RAM and storage across different models. The inclusion of ample RAM ensures seamless multitasking, while storage options cater to users with diverse needs, from casual users to those requiring extensive storage for multimedia content.

Camera - Imaging Capabilities:

The standout feature of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is its impressive camera setup, featuring a 200 MP main camera and a 50 MP telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom. Photography enthusiasts can anticipate stunning image quality and versatile shooting capabilities. However, it remains to be seen how these specifications translate into real-world performance.

Dimension and Build:

The mention of a titanium frame for the Galaxy S24 Ultra adds a premium touch to its build. The choice of materials can impact both durability and aesthetics, and users may appreciate the commitment to high-quality construction. The overall dimensions will determine the device's ergonomics and user-friendliness.

Operating System:

The article does not explicitly mention the operating system, but given Samsung's history, it is likely that the Galaxy S24 series will run on the latest version of Android with Samsung's One UI skin. Users can expect a feature-rich and customized user experience.

Price and Other Features:

Pricing details reveal a consistent approach compared to the previous S23 series in the USA. However, the European pricing suggests some variations. The introduction of AI features, including Live Translate and an alternative to Google's Magic Editor, adds a layer of innovation beyond hardware upgrades.

Pros and Cons:


  • Powerful processors (Samsung Exynos 2400 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3)
  • Impressive GPU for enhanced graphics performance
  • High-refresh-rate LTPO AMOLED panels with exceptional brightness
  • Advanced camera setup, especially in the Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • Premium build with a titanium frame (Galaxy S24 Ultra)
  • Varying RAM and storage configurations for user flexibility
  • Innovative AI features, including Live Translate
  • Consistent pricing in the USA compared to the previous series


  • European pricing variations may lead to confusion
  • Actual real-world performance of the camera setup needs validation
  • Specifics about connectivity features are not detailed
  • Operating system details are not explicitly mentioned in the provided information

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