Nintendo's Super Switch: A Colorful Revelation

Nintendo's Super Switch

A YouTuber believes he may have spotted the potentially first Nintendo Switch 2 physical detail. It seems there could have been clues left in the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast that allude to differences between a Switch successor and the current Switch. In fact, the video host even brands the Switch 2 as a Super Switch because of the perceived hints.

The YouTuber's Discovery

A new video from the very popular GameXplain channel has focused on an overlooked detail from Nintendo’s recent Direct show. Clip host Jake Steinberg doesn’t hold back as he claims to have spotted a physical detail about the Nintendo Switch 2, which he then also calls the Super Switch. Apparently, it all boils down to the button color choices that can be seen in the clips for upcoming remakes that were shown in the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Button Color Choices

For starters, clips from Super Mario RPG are shown as evidence. A shot taken from the Japanese Super Famicom version shows a red A button, a yellow B button, A green Y button, and a blue X button. The US version of the console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, has purple and lavender buttons as depicted in another clip (it’s worth pointing out here that PAL regions such as the UK followed the Japanese SNES design so had multi-colored buttons). But, the remake of Super Mario RPG coming for the Nintendo Switch shows a red A button for attack, even though the current Switch does not have multi-colored A, B, X, Y buttons.

Further Evidence

Steinberg tries to prove his theory further by pointing out a similar button theme to be found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This title originally came out for the GameCube and the button color tips used in the game matched the console’s controller. However, a demo of the remake coming to the Switch in 2024 shows a red A button, yellow B button, and green Y button for controls. The host doesn’t believe it’s just a random choice by Nintendo and that it’s rather that the button tip colors shown in the remakes match those of a yet-to-be-released console.

Switch 2 Backwards Compatibility

As these remade games are destined for the OG Switch, there is also an indication of Switch 2 backwards compatibility here, although this is widely expected for the next-generation console anyway.

The "Super Switch" Name

As for the "Super Switch" name, interestingly Nintendo changed the controller button colors between the NES and SNES from single-colored to multi-colored and the same thing happened between the 3DS and NEW 3DS. While "NEW Nintendo Switch" would likely be a confusing name for the Switch successor, "Super Nintendo Switch" would certainly help differentiate between the two model generations.


In conclusion, the first potential physical detail of the Nintendo Switch 2, or what the YouTuber refers to as the Super Switch, has been speculated upon based on button color choices seen in upcoming remakes. While this is an exciting theory, only time will tell if it holds true. Nintendo fans and gamers alike will undoubtedly keep a close eye on any future announcements regarding the next-generation of the beloved console.


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