Nintendo Switch 2: A Glimpse of Tomorrow

Nintendo Switch 2

Are you ready for an exciting glimpse into the future of gaming? In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 console may have been subtly teased in recent screenshots from the upcoming Nintendo Switch remake of Another Code: Two Memories. Scheduled for release as part of Another Code: Recollection in January 2024, this remake has left fans buzzing with speculation. The game's protagonist wields a mysterious device that curiously aligns with several rumors circulating about the Nintendo Switch 2.

The Nintendo Switch 2 Buzz

The Nintendo Switch 2 has been a topic of intense interest among gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. Recent events, including the highly anticipated Nintendo Direct presentation, have only fueled the excitement surrounding this potential console upgrade. During the presentation, eagle-eyed viewers noted intriguing button tip colors, which hinted at exciting developments. But the real surprise may lie in the screenshots captured by a keen-eyed YouTuber known as GreenOne.

GreenOne's discoveries point to the possibility of subtle Nintendo Switch 2 teasers hidden within the upcoming remake of Another Code: Two Memories. This classic title, originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2005, is now getting a fresh lease on life on the Nintendo Switch.

Ashley Robbins and the Mysterious Device

In the first of these intriguing screenshots, we see the game's main character, Ashley Robbins, clutching a device that bears a striking resemblance to a Nintendo Switch. Could this be a preview of the rumored Switch 2 Lite? This design choice is a deliberate callback to the original DS game, where the young investigator used a special device known as "DAS" ("Dual Another System" or "Dual Trace System" in the US). Notably, this device uncannily resembled the Nintendo DS handheld console, serving as a clever nod to the game's roots.

However, it's in another screenshot that the clues become even more evident. Examining the control layout of the device Ashley is using leaves little room for doubt—it's undoubtedly a system akin to the Nintendo Switch. This revelation has fans speculating about the potential implications for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.

More Than Meets the Eye

What makes these findings even more intriguing is their source. These images were initially posted on the official Nintendo Switch Japan website, lending credibility to the speculation. Notably, the potential Nintendo Switch 2 appears to be rather sizeable in Ashley's hands, hinting at a larger display—an exciting prospect for gamers.

But there's one more detail that has the gaming community abuzz—a mysterious sensor on the rear of the device. Could this be a camera sensor? Rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 incorporating a camera have been circulating for some time, with some speculating that it could be tied to the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming.

The Implications

The implications of these subtle teasers are vast. If the Nintendo Switch 2 does indeed feature a camera, it opens up exciting possibilities for augmented reality (AR) and VR gaming experiences. The combination of a larger display and a camera sensor could revolutionize how we interact with games and the world around us.

Furthermore, the continued success and innovation in the Nintendo Switch line reaffirm Nintendo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming. As we await more official announcements and details, one thing is certain—the gaming world is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2.


In conclusion, the possibility of the Nintendo Switch 2 being teased in screenshots from the Another Code remake has sent shockwaves through the gaming community. The clever nods to the original DS game and the conspicuous design choices suggest that Nintendo has some exciting developments in store for us.

While we eagerly await further confirmation and details from Nintendo, these tantalizing hints have fueled our imagination. Could the Nintendo Switch 2 redefine our gaming experiences with its larger display and camera sensor? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain—the future of gaming is looking brighter than ever.

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